Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Her And Valeri Bure’s Marriage Secret On 25th Anniversary

The Fuller House actress, Candace Cameron Bure and former NHL player, Valeri Bure, have just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and their love has never been stronger.

candace cameron bure about marriage

“25 years, Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and, in humility, our willingness to trust Him and allow those who’ve gone before us and those who haven’t but know God’s Word to speak into us,” Candace wrote on June 25. “And grateful for every other bit of solid advice and encouragement in between.”

The 45-year-old actress said that people would often ask her for marriage advice, joking she would “never write a book” about the so-called “secret” to a strong union. But she did share her what she and her husband do to make their romance stick more than two decades after tying the knot.

“Grace. Grace. Grace. Communication (which is so important but difficult when one partner isn’t willing.),” she wrote. “Sex. Laughter. Patience. Lots of patience. Love (a verb. which must be put into action, it’s not just a feeling.)” The happily married couple share sons Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19, and daughter Natasha, 22. She revealed, “No marriage is picture-perfect. Not one. And certainly not ours.”

candace cameron bure marriage anniversary

The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries star said, “But through thick and thin, ups and downs, God has blessed us tremendously with guidance and perseverance. I believe God is the secret sauce. I have more love for this man today than the day we married each other. And I know he does for me. Praise the Lord.”

The couple celebrated their anniversary at the Casa Palmero resort in Pebble Beach, California, and later shared a video with her husband talking about their relationship. “My advice is to give your life to Jesus. Without him, no marriage is working, or life in general,” Bure said in the clip, revealing his own “secret” to a lasting marriage. “Thank you, Jesus.”

candace cameron bure marriage secret

The Russian athlete joked that his wife was “missing everything behind the camera” as the pair sat side by side on the beach during the romantic getaway. Cameron Bure then asked her husband what he thought was her favorite thing about him, he quipped, “Nothing! I don’t know.” The actress joked, “I like that you’re kind of mean.”

Bure revealed that his love “uses” him when she “wants me to be mean,” which got a laugh from the mother of three. “I love that you love me,” she concluded.