Unlikely Friendship Between Cat And Parrot Will Put A Smile On Your Face

A cat and parrot are proving to all of us that it is possible to be different and yet live in peace and harmony with each other.

cat parrot friendship

This domestic cat and parrot most likely have grown up together in the same household and are best friends with each other.

A video uploaded by the owner of the duo shows the cat sitting peacefully on the sofa with the parrot perched on its back.

Domestic cats that are not used to eating birds can be friends with bigger birds like parrots as long as they don’t worry or tease it.

Unlikely relationships can be and are found everywhere especially on social media where animal videos of a cat being friends with a crow and dogs being friends with deer, are available to see.

Cats are hardwired to catch prey and for it to be peaceful around the parrot may appear strange to many but this video shows us that it is possible for cats and birds to live amicably with each other.