Unlikely Friendship Between Woman And Goose Is Bringing Much-Needed Cheer

A heartwarming story of an unlikely friendship between a goose and a woman will make you start believing in true unconditional love.


Cheryl Allison shared the story of how she fell in love with a goose who thinks she’s his mom.

Cheryl met Honk when she came near a pond to take a picture and he kept following her everywhere like he knew her from a long time.


The next day when she came back thinking it must have been a fluke, but again he ran up to her as fast as he could.

They forged a beautiful relationship between each other which is unbelievable.


Cheryl calls his name as soon as she comes to the pond and Honk who is in the water can be seen answering her call and rushing to the bank of the pond.


Honk follows Cheryl all over the park and literally falls asleep when Cheryl sings to him.

He loves to hover over her shoulder and even climbs into her lap and nibbles on her hands.


This video is bringing much-needed cheer and joy to the hearts of thousands of people because of the unlikely friendship shared between the woman and the goose.


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