Cerebral Palsy Boy Scores First Touchdown Against Rival Team

Scoring big and winning a game, is every player’s dream, both small and big, but for one Georgia 10-year-old, this had a greater meaning.

Hayes Hutto was born 13 weeks early, and had to spend 75 days in the NICU. Later he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 18 months old and now depends totally on a motorized wheelchair for mobility.

This Clemson Tigers’ diehard fan loves football, but could never be a part of the real action till recently when his friends invited him to join the Commerce Tigers for a game against Jefferson Dragons.

Hutto dressed up in the team’s gold and black outfit, along with a helmet and mouth guard, ready for the game against their rivals.

“At the end of the game against Jefferson and his cousin Britton, they allowed one more play for him to run the ball,” Jon Hutto, the boy’s dad, posted on Facebook.

Commerce quarterback Brody German took the handoff and gave it to Hutto, who carried the ball to the cheers of “Hutto! Hutto!” from the sidelines while a game announcer counted down the yards he had left.

“Thank you everyone from both sides to allow this to happen,” Jon Hutto posted. “Commerce coaches to Jefferson coaches and Commerce Rec. Thank you so much for making his dream come true. One day he will run the ball on his own power.”

Hutto has to attend physical and occupational therapy, but is still lacking some motor skills. He moves around in his motorized wheelchair which gives him some independence.

“Hayes is loved by everyone that meets him,” a post on the Facebook page said. “He has a love of life like no other child I have ever met.”

Prayers and best wishes for Hutto, he is truly an inspiration to everyone around him.

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