Chick-fil-A Employee Goes Above And Beyond To Save Choking Child In Drive-Thru

We all love Chick-fil-A because of its great service and cheerful employees who often go out of their way to please customers. The reason behind it being the company being founded on Christian values and principles.

Chick-fil-A’s employees are always in the news for changing customer’s tires, to returning lost wallets and envelopes of customers but on Monday, a group of Chick-fil-A employees in Columbus, Georgia, did the ultimate when they saved the life of a little child.

Brave act by Chick-fil-A employees

Chick-fil-A Manchester Expressway posted on its Facebook page. “Today Zack ‘Cowboy’ Kokenzie saved a choking child in Chick-fil-A Manchester Expressway’s drive-thru just after lunch from a life-threatening situation.” Kokenzie, nicknamed “Cowboy” after staying on a bucking horse but nearly breaking a finger in the process, was known to be a man always cool under pressure, and ready to handle complex situations thanks to his Boy Scout history.


The Chick-fil-A post stated, “The Boy Scout Motto is ‘Be Prepared’ and Zack certainly was. Shortly after the busy lunch rush today, frantic cries were heard in the drive-thru line,” the post continued. “The cries were coming from an SUV just outside the drive-thru window. A father was seen rushing to the back of his SUV.”

Due to the covid situation, the restaurant’s dining room is currently closed, which makes it easy for employees to focus on the drive-thru and notice if any situation changes quickly. “Today, Zack heard panicked cries coming from a vehicle in the drive-thru. Zack due to his Eagle Scout days and being CPR certified went toward the commotion,” the post said.

Choking child rescued

“He observed the father and another customer trying to free what appeared to be a choking child in the rear seat. The cries were from the other children in the vehicle.” The child was being strangled by the seat belt, which was wrapped tightly around the child’s neck, pressing on the windpipe. Kokenzie and other employees rushed to help.

“Another customer had left his vehicle and was trying unsuccessfully to assist the father in removing the seat belt by reaching through the back window,” according to the post.

“Fellow team member Zachary Bullock passed a pair of scissors through the window and Zack ‘Cowboy’ Kokenzie calmly walked over to the rear of the vehicle and cut through the seatbelt in seconds freeing the child. Great job Cowboy and to our team for responding so quickly to avert a life-threatening situation. We are thankful that everyone is okay.”

Praises flow in from all quarters

Alex Vann, the owner, and operator of the store praised Kokoenzie and the crew for their actions saying, “Zack and our team acted quickly in rescuing a child from a life-threatening situation,” he said, according to the post. “I am proud of Zack, Justin, Zachary B., and our team for their quick thinking and quick responses.

“This could have been far worse, but Zack and others were in the right place, with the right training and the right attitude to potentially save the life of one of our customers. We are glad everyone is alright.”

People commented on the post and thanked Kokenzie and praised God for the Chick-fil-A team’s quick actions. Kokenzie’s family and friends through Boy Scouts praised him and said they were proud of him. The little boy’s family must be so relieved and thankful that his life was saved in such a miraculous way.


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