Adorable Chimpanzee Playing During Bath Time Is The Cutest Thing You Will See All Day

A cute video doing the rounds is of an adorable chimpanzee washing himself and scrubbing his stomach to make more bubbles during shower time at a zoo.

Little Limbani, born in August 2016, has been filmed at Miami Zoo in Florida, USA where he can be seen sitting on the floor and rubbing soap on his arms and patting it into his stomach.

As he keeps rubbing his belly, there are more bubbles formed and Limbani is seen smiling as his hands become covered with the soap.
But, life was not always as rosy for Limbani when he was born at a a private facility in Northern Florida in 2016.

His mother had three broken ribs while giving birth and could not produce enough milk to feed baby Limbani.

The video of Limbani having a bath has gone viral and people have been pouring in their comments with some saying, ‘It just makes my heart happy. So pure!’

Watch: Adorable Chimpanzee Has The Cutest Bath Time

Another said: ‘This is so cute. My heart is melting.’

The chimpanzee has tasted fame before as well when he hit headlines in January when a video of him with a Mastiff dog, named Bruno cuddling went viral.

Another video of Limbani enjoying a wash in the zoo’s sink has also became an internet sensation.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching this video and hope you will too!

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This little guy, Limbani is a star who touches all hearts who watch him. What a sweetheart. He has no idea how much he’s loved.

My husband worked at a small zoo and became friends with a chimp named Judy. She loved my husband and became very jealous of anyone she did not know. Her response to those she became jealous of was by spitting a big loogie at who was near my husband. Luckily when she did that to me I saw it coming and ducked!

Chimps are sweet or mischievous. What ever they are they are God’s creation that He also loves.


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