Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins About Finding Parking At A Mega Church

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins pokes fun at Mega Churches for ridiculously being huge, especially their parking lots which are unusually large and confusing so much so they needed labels for an easy parking.


Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian, singer and songwriter living in Missouri, USA. He is famous for his clean comedy catering primarily to a Christian audience and for his parody cover of popular Christian songs, such as Carrie Underwood’s, ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’. His stand-up material are generally family oriented based on topics such as marriage, homeschooling, and parenting.

In a recent YouTube video, he is seen poking fun at mega churches. One such church was in Alabama, where he had recently visited and saw how big it was. Even the parking lots had to be labeled for people to remember where they had parked.

The joke was that, just like in Disneyland where the parking lots are labeled with Disney characters for visitors to easily remember where they parked at. This particular Alabama church had their parking lots labeled with the ‘fruits of the spirit’. And people coming to this church are losing their minds over parking, in lots labeled with the fruits of the spirit.

Tim illustrates his joke saying, “Wouldn’t you love to be there on Sunday mornings, just watch the hypocrisy. People walking on a church service, “where’d you park the car?” I think I parked in gentleness. And then mimicked an angry lady replying, “I told you self-control”. And then patience was right by the building. It should have been across the street, makes sense!”, he explains.

The video is a must watch as Tim brilliantly reveals in his signature style of humor with a message about how Christians can be easily exposed as hypocrites and are often the ones who fail to bear the fruits of the spirits while we preach to others about it.

The video will surely have you in fits of laughter and at the same time points out to us, our own hypocrisy as a Christian, even as we are humans, sinful by nature. Tim delivers a neatly written joke, that is both funny and has an important lesson for all Christians about the need to be deeply rooted in Christ and bear the good fruits of the spirit.

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