Christian Couple Shares Their Moving Adoption Story

A video showing the journey of a married couple adopting a new born baby is melting the hearts of its viewers.

After being married for 18 years, Jenn Johnson and her husband decided to adopt a child, even after having their own children.

Jenn speaks about their decision to adopt a brown child and give it a good life, so they get in touch with an organisation dealing with adoption of kids and in 1 month’s time, they were able to legally adopt a kid.

They share the news of their decision of adopting a baby boy with their kids and they are over the moon about it.

Finally the day arrives when they are the hospital where the baby mother is giving birth via c-section and they get top see the baby and the mom says she wants them to have the baby because she knows they would be able to give the baby the life she would never be able to give it.

They name the baby Ryder Moses Johnson, the newest addition to their family, and have a message for everybody, to adopt kids.

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