Mom Gives Kids The Christmas Gift That They Waited For 5-Years

Finally the analogy “A kid on Christmas” has come true with excitements for these siblings! From half a decade these kids were disappointed in each Christmas and Birthdays! They never got their dream gift from their strict mom and they had pretty much given up on getting that pet dog of their own!

But this Christmas their mom had a change of heart and decided to surprise her son and daughters with their most anticipated Christmas gift- “A Dog”. The explosion of emotions that emanate on these three siblings upon lifting up the wrapped box-top to find out their very own puppy underneath is really contagious! Watch the most astonishing surprise unfold in this video!

Surprise Leaves Kids In Tears

"Our kids wanted a dog for a long time—about 5 years. In fact, our two older kids made a power point presentation a couple of years earlier, on why getting a dog was a good idea. We did not have any pets, and told them we were not getting any. Every Christmas and birthday, they would ask for a dog; but they had pretty much given up… thinking it would never happen. So, we decided to give the dog to them before Christmas. As you can see, they were extremely surprised and overcome with emotion!"

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A Love What Matters Original Video

Posted by Love What Matters on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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