Christian Comedian Shares Hilarious Interactions with Kids in Church

Christy Conder, a Christian comedian in her church’s children’s ministry, shares her delightful encounters with kids. Her stories reveal the unexpected and humorous side of teaching faith.

Christy Conder comedian

Kids are honest and curious. They often ask questions that adults wouldn’t think to ask. Christy’s experiences highlight this. For instance, she recalls a funny question about a biblical story. A child asked, “Hey, Ms. Christy, if David had seen Bathsheba in the shower, would she have been Showersheba?” This shows how kids’ minds work in creative and amusing ways.

Another memorable moment came from two girls curious about the Red Sea story. They asked, “Ms. Christy, you remember when Moses crossed over the Red Sea? Yes. Do you remember when Pharaoh came in after them? Yeah. And you remember the water all came down on Pharaoh, and they all died? Yeah. Does that mean the horses died, too?”

Christy also talks about adapting games for church. Instead of “duck, duck, goose,” they play “disciple, disciple, Judas.” These changes make learning fun and relevant for the kids.

A particularly touching moment happened when a little girl led a prayer. She confidently told the congregation, “Bow your heads.” Then she prayed, “Dear Jesus, put a baby in mommy’s tummy.” As everyone listened, Christy speculated about a possible infertility issue within the family. She glanced at the mother, who was silently signaling “no” from the front row.

Christy’s tales from the children’s ministry reveal the laughter, challenges, and unexpected questions that come with teaching faith to children. Her stories remind us of the importance of patience and humor in nurturing young minds. The reactions from her audience and viewers confirm that these experiences are not unique to Christy but resonate with anyone involved in children’s ministry.

One viewer commented, “Having been in children’s ministry for many years, this is all 100% true!” Another shared, “Anyone who has taught young children in VBS or Sunday school will enjoy this humor. You never know the questions young kids will ask. Sometimes they are not ready to hear EVERYTHING in the Bible. Moral of this story…be prepared. ”

Let us embrace the innocence and curiosity of children in our faith journey, keeping God at the center of our lives. Their questions remind us to approach God with a heart full of wonder and trust.

“And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'” – Matthew 18:3 (NIV)

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