Family Yodeling Band Sings ‘Church In The Wildwood’ In Empty Church

The Hudson Harmony Band recently graced an empty church with their enchanting rendition of ‘Church in the Wildwood.’ Using the rare and beautiful art of yodeling, they breathed new life into the classic hymn, adding their unique twist to it.

church in the wildwood yodeling hudson harmony band

The opening notes start with a delightful surprise. A talented young woman introduces the song with her remarkable yodeling skills. As she effortlessly navigates the range of her voice, she paves the way for the rest of her bandmates. As the lyrics say:

There’s a church in the valley by the Wildwood,
No lovelier place in the dale,
No spot is so dear to my childhood,
As the little brown church in the dale.

As the notes flow, another vocalist joins her, echoing the yodeling chorus. Their harmonious vibes reverberate throughout the empty church, making it seem as if the walls themselves are joining in the chorus.

However, the yodeling isn’t the only highlight. This performance is a symphony of skill with harmonizing voices and the melodic tunes of multiple instruments, including a harmonica.

According to their YouTube channel, the Hudson Harmony Band isn’t limited to just one genre. This group of six multi-talented musicians can effortlessly swing between toe-tapping bluegrass, classical melodies, uplifting hymns, the energetic pulse of Cajun, and the comforting strum of folk tunes.

Music has an unmatched way of connecting souls, and the Hudson Harmony Band’s rendition of “Church in the Wildwood” with a touch of yodeling does just that.