Vocal Group Performing Worship Medley Is Incredibly Beautiful

“God elevated Him to the place of highest honor and gave Him the Name above all other names…(phi 2:8)

“Worship Medley” performing worship mashup “I Can Only Imagine & What A beautiful Name” is really superb! Young girls are thrilled to lift up the matchless name of our savior in the most glorious way! Their angelic voices will surely impact the world with the “Beautiful Name of our King”! I am so glad to see them enjoying together by Hillsong collections!  Keep it up – keep on singing – you all are blessed!

Wherever the name of Jesus Christ is lifted up, there is life and love in abundance! Because there is such power in that name! And at the name of Jesus Christ every knee shall bow and the streams of life will gush out! His name is like an ointment poured forth! His name is Majesty and powerful to make every enemies bow down!

So why don’t we lift up His name against every enemies and mountains on our life to experience the power in that “Matchless Name”! And we Christians are gloriously saved by His name! Amen!

“There is none other name under heaven given among man, whereby we must be saved ,except the name of Jesus Christ!”(Acts 4:12)

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