College Students Rally Around Suicidal Colleague And Pray For Her

A witness who was in the dorm in College witnessed a young lady screaming and crying with objects in her hand threatening to kill herself but what happened next was epic.

The girl was screaming an crying and saying she had no one and nothing to live for any longer and soon enough the cops landed up and started telling her to stop what she was doing.

The cops were ready to strap her up and take her to the psych ward but then her college colleagues started coming out of their rooms and surrounded the girl and told the cops to leave her alone.


They told them that she lived on campus with them and even if they did not know her well enough, they loved her and surrounded her like a wall and began praying for her.

The youngsters could have taken the easy way out by ignoring her behavior and stayed in their rooms but instead they saved her life and let her know that she’s loved and welcomed on campus.

Watch: Inspiring video of college students praying for their suicidal colleague

We are touched by this awesome story and by the hearts of these young people who decided to stand up for one of their friends who was in a bad phase of life and surrounded her like a wall and covered her in prayer.


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