Caring Community Makes Sure Woman In Wheelchair Gets to Bed Every Night For Last 10 Years

The Bible says “love thy neighbor,” but what this community has done is to redefine it completely.

The men of Sandy, Utah, every night for the last 10 years, have taken turns to make sure that Kathy Felt goes to bed comfortably and safely.

Felt has multiple sclerosis, and has slowly lost control of all her motor functions. Now, she has even lost the ability to get out of bed in the morning and needed to be checked into a nursing home.

However, Keith Pugmire, would not allow his neighbor to be taken from her home because of her illness and so he along with 60 men in his neighborhood volunteered to assist her.
Pugmire has initiated a rotating schedule whereby two men show up at Felt’s house in the evening so that they can take her out of the wheelchair into her bed. They also help to remove her socks, cover her up with blankets, and even put off the lights before leaving.

Felt’s son arrives in the morning to take care of her all through the day, but in the evening, the neighborhood men turn up to assist her.

It has been a long ten years now and the men are still volunteering to take care of her, which makes Felt feel emotional over the “miracle” of her wonderful and caring neighborhood.

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