Connie Talbot Makes Stunning Return To Britain’s Got Talent With Original Song

Connie Talbot reduced fans to tears with a grand return to the stage of Britain’s Got Talent with an original song.


Talbot tasted instant fame with her viral audition 12 years ago on the same talent platform. She was just six years old when she had auditioned for the first season of Britain’s Got Talent back in 2007.

She won the hearts of the judges with her dashing performance of ‘Over The Rainbow,’ and made it all the way to the finals of the competition. She ended up second overall, losing out to opera singer Paul Potts.

Connie, now 18 years of age, belted out a ballad at the piano leaving judges and audiences at the Wembley Arena spellbound.  Judge Alesha Dixon, said her performance was like watching ‘a fairytale’ and everybody is predicting a bright future for 18-year-old Connie, after her performance on BGT: The Champions.

“’Cause even if the world stopped turning
You’d be in my heart still burning
Keeping it beating
And as long as I’m breathing
Then I will never give up on us”

This teen is pure talent and we truly hope that she makes it really big in the music and entertainment industry.

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