Cop Pulls Over Toddler for Speeding and the Internet Is In Love

In a small Oklahoma town, a toddler’s unexpected encounter with the police went viral.

cop pulls over toddler

Two-year-old Rose Fern found herself on the wrong side of the law in Okarche when she took her pink convertible a little over the speed limit. Officer Maness, with a keen eye for traffic violations, spotted the tiny speedster and acted swiftly. A little shy, Rose wasn’t up for a chat, but the officer’s response was not a ticket, but a friendly warning.

The Okarche Police Department shared the adorable encounter and their Facebook page. Many comments poured in praising the light-hearted police work. One resident remarked, “Thank you chief and officer Maness,” while another playfully added, “Good job got to stop those speeders.”

We often hear negative stories about law enforcement through media and internet, but there are many positive stories like this that frequently go unnoticed. Such moments showcase the kinder, gentler interactions with the police that build trust and fondness in communities.