‘Faith And Prayers Pulled Me Through’: 90-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor Credits God For Saving Her Life

A nursing home in Kirkland, Washington was in the headlines after being the center of the country’s first deadly outbreak of COVID-19. Since the first positive test at the Life Care Center on February 28, the virus has now spread to nearly two-thirds of the people there. (Scroll down to watch the video.)

Geneva Wood

Geneva Wood had spent much of the winter there, recovering from a stroke. But days before she could go home, COVID-19 put the facility on lockdown and Wood experienced a spiking fever three days later.

“I didn’t know that I had the virus until I had the virus. I had no symptoms of it before,” Wood said.


The 90-year-old’s love for her family, spunky spirit and the amazing fight she put up was reported by many, but now Wood says it’s her faith that is actually the most important part of the story. “If it hadn’t have been for my faith in God and my family and their prayers and all their families and the church and everything…the faith and prayers pulled me through,” Wood explained.

She says God was her only companion and even remembers one night when she wasn’t sure if she would survive until morning. “I could feel God’s presence. His hands were on my body and I could feel His presence and I’d wake up and I could feel these hands and I’d go back to sleep. Through the night, ’cause I’d wake up, I couldn’t see His face, but I could feel His hands and I knew He was with me and I made it through the night,” Wood remembers.

“Until you’ve felt God’s presence and his hands on you, it’s something else. If it hadn’t have been for Him, I couldn’t have done it. And I wasn’t alone because He was with me all the time,” she continued.


Wood also recollects one special doctor who brought her a Bible and spent time each day reading her favorite scriptures. “At first all I said was Psalm 23, but he would read to me every morning,” she said.

Wood’s family says her recovery is “miraculous.” Nineteen days after entering the hospital, she was sent home, coronavirus free.


Wood has some advice for everyone else battling the virus. “Don’t give up hope. God is always there and put your trust in Him and lean on Him and give your life to Him. And you’ll make it, but you’ve got to not give up hope and fight.” Amen! What a beautiful testimony by the 90-year-old who never gave up but kept trusting God right through the ordeal.


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