Stray Dog Helps Children Safely Cross Busy Street

A stray dog is being hailed as a hero in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, after he was spotted helping children cross a busy road.


A clip showing the dog barking a warning to cars before he helps lead the pre-school students over a zebra crossing is warming hearts of people everywhere.

The furry friend can be seen giving a lesson on traffic rules by barking at a white van that ignores the crossing.


The stray dog, known as Kursha then helps guide the group of kids safely across the road. It was filmed in Batumi, a town in one of Georgia’s Black Sea resorts.


A bystander, Bega Tsinadze, filmed the stray dog and says he lives in the neighborhood and is affectionately known as Kursha.

This amazing dog is such a boon to have on the busy streets of Georgia.

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