Dad Takes Down Critical Race Theory In Heartwarming Conversation With Little Daughter

A heartwarming video of a father and daughter in a conversation about the contentious practice of critical race theory has gone viral on the internet.


Critical Race theory originated in the 1980s and argues traditional, liberal-based policies towards combating racism are not effective.

Critical Race Theory or CRT argues that racism and the history of slavery are embedded within all aspects of American life.

It argues racism is so pervasive and insidious white people may not be aware of how society benefits them.

The practice has been criticized by conservatives and even some liberals. Republican legislatures across the country have passed bills banning schools from teaching CRT.

The dad in the video tells his daughter that she can be what she wants irrespective of her color, black, white, yellow, brown.

Many users on Twitter have praised the young father for the message he is sending to his daughter.

This is one of the most epic takedowns of critical race theory to date and America needs more fathers just like this dad!

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Randy McGrady-Beach

I don’t think so!!

Jo Szcz

So, why is my post not being posted?

Rhonda Stells

Amen thank you sir for teaching your daughter the right way. God bless you

Johnnie Iguess

I have seen some cute clips, but of all that I have seen, this is my very favorite. Love that Daddy for sharing love with his little girl. Oh me what a great Dad and that little precious Girl will grow up to be someone very special, whatever she chooses to do in life. She has love. What they are saying kids do not look at color.. LOVE THIS..

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