Dad Sees His Daughter For The First Time After 10-Years Inside a Special Box

Family and friends gathered to celebrate baby Aaron’s birthday. The person who’s recording this video first focuses the camera to a huge blue box. Then the host of the party, a clown asks the people “Who loves surprises! Who wants to open this huge gift? Or rather, what could be inside it?”

He instantly selects Aaron’s dad to open the box and tells him it’s a special gift made with lots of love for that day. When Aaron starts trying to unwrap the gift, the huge box itself begins to rise!

It’s then Aaron hears a little girl’s voice screaming “Daddy!”. When the young daughter reveals herself completely, the Dad instantly pulls her in for an embrace.

The heartwarming moment brings everyone in the room to tears. Aaron’s daughter had been living in Cuba and hadn’t seen him for the past 10 years.

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