Dad Dances Everyday For His Newborn Baby In The NICU

When a baby is born premature, It’s obviously a stressful situation for the parents with sleepless nights and days in the hospital.

One Orlando family is going through the same for the third time.

Baby Dylan was born two months premature in January and weighing only 4 pounds.


“Unless you’ve been through it, you can’t put into words how hard it is,” Dylan’s dad Chris Askew said.

Chris Askew

In the midst of confusion and pain, Askew is trying to cheer up his family and other parents in the NICU. He decided to record him dancing and post on TikTok every day until his baby boy is strong enough to go home.


More than 4 million people have watched this dancing dad’s videos and the outpouring of love for Dylan is growing.


Askew’s videos also inspired other parents to come forward and share their stories.

“I almost have more worry for these people I’ve been talking to that have been in there for 190 days, 200 days, have lost their kids in the NICU, and tell me that they smiled for the first time in weeks,” Askew said. “And they’re thanking me, and I’m like, ‘Wait, what?’”

Baby Dylan

Let’s pray for baby Dylan and his family.

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Clayshia A Willis

Praying for little Dylan’s healthy body to grow and be a witness for our Lord Jesus, our Savior!

Connie C.

I was a premmie-2lbs. 2ozs. in 1952. I was in an incubator for the first 5 months of my life. At age 2, my parents found I had mild Cerebral Palsy. I didn’t let this get in the way of living a full life. God had plans for me without a doubt.I’m a survivor! God has plans for this baby!

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