90-Year-Old Woman Visits Beach For The First Time In Heartwarming Video

A visit to the beach is a normal thing for people to do, but for this 90-year-old lady who never ever visited the beach- it was a moment she could never forget.

Enid Marie Weide, born in 1927, had never ever felt the sea waves underneath her feet or experienced sand in her toes. After the death of her husband, she has been spending time shuttling between her two children – Jeanne Macisco, 67, in California, USA, and Dorothy Weide, 58, New Jersey, USA.

Enid requested that her ashes be mixed with her ex-naval sailor husband’s remains and sprinkled in the ocean. Her family were aware that she had never visited a beach in her life and so decided to take her to one.

The video shows Enid in her wheelchair being carried into the beach by her family, it shows her loving every moment of it, hope she gets to visit the beach more and enjoy her days.

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