Man Stuns Crowd With Incredible Dance Moves To Michael Jackson’s Hit Song

The saying goes, “age is just a number”, and this is certainly proven true in this video where a middle-aged man took the stage and stunned the audience with his impressive dance skills.


The man took the floor as Michael Jackson’s hit song “Billie Jean” was played and he began to move like the King of Pop himself. He twisted, turned, and spun himself around fluidly, while the crowd erupted in applause, amazement, and surprise.

“He didn’t come to play, he came to dance,” the announcer said over the loudspeaker.

The man also dropped to the floor and executed Jackson’s signature moves flawlessly, even as the cheers got louder.

The video reminds us of the joy and beauty that can be found in dance and music and this man’s performance was truly a sight to behold.

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