Momma Deer Comes Rushing When She Hears Human Baby Cry

A cute video of a deer rushing towards the crying baby will make you smile today.


The video was uploaded by Ohio resident, Hannah Burton with the caption, “When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside.”

The motherly instinct this deer feels for the baby resonates with all mothers seeing the video.

The baby’s mom can be heard soothing the little one with a calm voice and telling him that the deer thought it was her baby crying!

New Lexington resident Hanna Burton was with her 5-week-old son Charlie on a wooden deck outside their home when the incident happened.

Charlie suddenly starts crying and the deer charges out of the woods to see if it was her baby fawn crying. Burton can be heard telling the deer, “This is my baby. It’s not yours. Hi, momma.” She then tells her son in a soothing voice, “She thinks you’re her baby,” as the deer peeks towards the deck.

According to Burton, the deer and her two fawns reside near their home and visit them occasionally. The video has got more than 6.6 million likes and 27 million views.

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