Pizza Delivery Driver Runs Into Burning House And Saves Five Lives

Nick Bostic is being hailed a hero for saving the lives of five people from a devastating house fire that threatened to destroy everything.


Nick Bostic was driving past a house in Indiana at midnight when he saw flames inside it. He did not think of his safety but immediately ran into the house to help.

Bostic, a local pizza delivery driver, did not know who the house’s owner was, but when he saw the flames there at 12:30 a.m, he went around to the back of the two-story home and opened the back door.

“Before I was halfway into the door, I started hollering if there was anybody in there,” he told “America’s Newsroom.”

He thought maybe the people had run out after the fire had broken out, but suddenly, he saw four people running to him and he helped lead them outside.

He asked them if anybody else was in the house, and they told him, “A six-year-old was left in there. So, so I went back inside,” he told hosts, Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino.

Bostic then ran upstairs and thoroughly searched the bedrooms but could not find anybody. The smoke reached the staircase when he tried to get back down. “It scared me a lot,” he said. “But then I started hearing Kaylani’s cry.”

He then ran downstairs towards the smoke and carried her up. “I found her, and I carried her snug, fit in my arms up the stairs.”

He said he had to break a window on the second floor because there was no time to waste. The little girl told him, ‘I don’t want to go through the window,’ but there was no option for them, and they had to go through the window.

Nick Bostic said he was inspired to do what he did from watching TV shows about police and fire departments. That helped him make crucial decisions at the crux of time.

What a brave delivery driver he is and recently the Lafayette Police Department appreciated him and released a video of the incident captured by his bodycam.

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