Young Boy Gives Inspiring Pep-Talk To Tearful Teammate

A young boy’s brilliant response to his teammate who was feeling discouraged that he was the smallest boy on the team, is restoring hope in humanity.


There is no age to start doing acts of kindness as proved by this schoolboy rugby player who reached out to a struggling teammate during a training camp.

This young boy is the friend we all need because he didn’t hesitate a moment before consoling his crying teammate at Sedbergh School’s Easter Rugby camp in Cumbria, who felt intimidated by the bigger players on the team.

The other boy was being given a talk by the coach and during the conversation, he broke down and told him: ‘Everyone’s older than me, everyone’s bigger than me.’

But that’s the moment our ‘hero’ decides to take things into his hands and walks over and puts his arms around the boy and begins to give him a pep talk like no other. Praise the Lord!

A video of the moment was shared by the independent school that has produced famous players like Will Carling and Will Greenwood and was viewed by 245,000 people including the England and All Blacks teams.

What he said to the young person should be the lingo that we all should be using to encourage one another because it was so good.

He told the boy: ‘Listen to me. Trust me. Look at me, Bob. I am the shortest kid here, it doesn’t matter if you’re short, if you’re young. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, or if you are fat here.

‘You are a brilliant rugby player. Do you understand that? You are insane! You are actually insane for your age. Right, give me a hug.’

The heartwarming clip of the moment was shared on social media with a caption: ‘This heartwarming moment was captured recently at our Easter Courses.

‘This short but emotional clip captures the true spirit of @sedbergcourses and shows the power of the friendships that are made here.’

Watch: Young Boy Encourages Tearful Team-Mate With Moving Pep Talk

The coach, Graham Higginbotham said that the two boys, Jack and Bob, met just two days earlier.

Proverbs 18:24 “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”


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