Actor Dennis Quaid Sings His Heart Out to Gospel Single ‘Fallen’

Dennis Quaid, celebrated for roles in movies such as ‘I Can Only Imagine’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, recently showcased another dimension of his talent: music. But this wasn’t just any performance. In a touching YouTube clip, Quaid shared “Fallen”, a personal gospel song narrating his journey of making wrong choices and longing for redemption.

dennis quaid gospel album fallen

Life is a maze of decisions. Often, we cruise through them without a second thought. Yet, every so often, a choice or series of them reroutes our journey in directions we didn’t foresee. Quaid’s song captures this sentiment. Through heartfelt lyrics, he describes wrong turns that took him to places he hadn’t intended to go.

Quaid’s lyrics emphasize his upbringing in the church and the teachings about Christ he received as a child. However, temptations and allurements turned his path astray. The devil, he sings, tempted him with worldly pleasures, making him forget the purity of his earlier teachings. And while he may have felt on top of the world at times, it was clear to him that he had lost his way, straying far from home and the warmth of his faith.

In the poignant chorus, Quaid’s voice resonates with regret and yearning:

Now I’m fallen
I’m fallen
Calling out, ‘Help me Jesus’
All I want to do is go back home.

Towards the culmination of the song, there’s a revelation. Quaid relates himself to the prodigal son, a biblical figure who strayed from his father but later returned seeking forgiveness. Like the prodigal son, Quaid sings about wanting to mend his ways, to return home and rekindle his relationship with Jesus Christ.

As the Bible beautifully puts it in Lamentations 3:22-23: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”


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