Disabled Boy Bursts Into Joy After Strangers Create A Wheelchair That Lets Him Play In Ocean

The mom of a disabled boy was left in tears after watching him have so much fun splashing waves in the sea.


Mom of three, Helen Butterfield has never seen her 2-year-old son, Joey Leathwood have so much fun at the beach; he has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which affects the arms, legs, torso, and face, as well.

Joey does not like the feel of grass, sand, sun, or snow because of bad sensory issues and that’s why the family cannot enjoy beach trips. But all that changed when Beach Ability offered Joey the option of using its beach wheelchairs. Helen shared a video of him enjoying the waves in the ocean on social media.

Helen said, “It was probably one of the most special moments of my life, seeing his reaction. Honestly, he has never laughed so much,” She added, “Beach Ability have given my boy the chance to experience waves and mother nature’s beauty instead of feeling left out and different. I’m just so glad I managed to get it on camera. We will never, ever forget this day.”

She continued: “I was unsure at first with the wheelchair as I didn’t know much about them and thought there was no way it would go across the sand. But it was the easiest thing I’ve ever pushed. It was so smooth and simple to use.”

Helen always knew that Joey loved water because of the way he splashes in the bath, and so she gave Beach Ability the go-ahead to help Joey visit the ocean and have a great time. “He has been through so much so seeing him in the sea was the best feeling ever,” shared Helen. “He is so tiny but mighty. I was very emotional but they were happy tears and his video makes me cry, seeing how happy he was. The experience was perfect from start to finish.”

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