Grateful Dog Kisses Firefighter Who Rescued Him From Roof

An adorable video captures a Husky kissing a firefighter to thank him for the rescue. Overwhelmed with happiness for being saved, the pup couldn’t resist expressing his gratitude by kissing his hero.

dog kissing firefighter after rescue

The incident occurred when authorities in Maine received several calls about a dog stuck on the roof of a house. The responding firefighter climbed out of an upstairs window to reach the pup. Once on the rooftop, he coaxed the dog back inside, eventually bringing him down to safety.

Both the dog and his rescuer were experiencing this type of situation for the first time. The delighted dog was eager to show his thankfulness by kissing the firefighter. This act of pure love from a once-helpless pup is heartwarming. The lovely nature of this story teaches us much about LOVE!

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