Faithful Dog Waits 6 Days Outside Hospital For Sick Owner In Turkey

There is a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend, they have infinite love and affection for their owners.

A loyal pet waited patiently for his owner for six days at a hospital until he was discharged in northeastern Turkey.


Cemal Senturk was taken by ambulance to Medical Park Hospital in Trabzon, and his dog, Boncuk, escaped and followed him from the apartment to the facility and waited there patiently every day.

The hospital informed the family of the whereabouts of the dog, and they took her home. But again she managed to escape and returned to the hospital, Murat Ercan, the hospital’s international patient center director, said.

“His dog ‘Boncuk’ has followed him to the hospital gate and refused to leave for six days until her owner was discharged,” Ercan said in a statement. “Even though the family (took) Boncuk back home she managed to escape every day to wait at the hospital gate.”

Senturk reached out to his dog and comforted her through the window during his stay at the hospital, but she refused to leave until Senturk did. Boncuk won the affection of the hospital staff, who fed him and took care of him.

Ercan said, “Cemal Senturk has been with Boncuk for nine years and he also stated that he missed her a lot during his stay at the hospital,” he said. “After he was cleared to go out he met his dog at the hospital gate. Boncuk has behaved really sweet during the six days and has managed to capture the love and affection of the whole staff.”


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