Tear-Jerking Video Of A Loyal Lost Dog Desperately Waiting For Its Owner And Finally Reuniting With Him

A cute video of a lost dog waiting endlessly for his grandfather is winning over the hearts of the netizens and has gone viral.

loyal dog waits for owner

The dog can be seen standing on the road and looking out for its owner, many people turned up but none of them were Jingu’s owner.

One day, Jingu was captured and taken to a shelter after it’s rescue, but it still keeps looking expectantly at the door as if waiting for someone.

Many people came to the shelter trying to identify their lost dog, but it was not Jingu.

But one day, while Jingu was eating his food, his grandfather arrived and immediately left eating his food and started wagging his tail, as if recognising his owner.

It was a happy reunion for them and now Jingu has since gone home with his grandfather and they both are over the moon having found each other.


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