Missing Dog Walks Into Walmart And Finds Owner Working There

Walmart can now be recognized as a place for happy reunions, as a dog was reunited with her owner following weeks of separation.

Abby the dog disappeared in Dothan, Alabama, leaving her owners, June Rountree and her husband distressed. They searched door-to-door for their missing 4-year-old black-and-white fur baby. Three weeks had passed with no sign of Abby.

June was working the weekend shift at the Walmart register when she heard a sound. Apparently, a dog had gotten loose in the store and was walking through the various departments. “I was like, ‘What in the world is happening?’” customer service associate Danielle Robinette said.

dog wanders into walmart-2

When the dog arrived at June’s post, register No. 6, she couldn’t believe it, because it was her long-absent Abby. “I called her name and she came to me,” Rountree said. “I bent over and hugged her. I completely lost it then. I couldn’t speak. I was in complete shock and just couldn’t believe it.”

Abby appeared to be in good health despite being gone for three weeks. The Rountrees believe someone must have been feeding her, and they’re truly grateful for that. Since June had taken Abby to the Walmart parking lot a few times, Abby might have recognized the location during her travels.

dog wanders into walmart-4

Abby left Walmart with June, evidently very satisfied with her visit to the store.


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