Dying Man’s Last Wish Of Getting Baptized Is Fulfilled In Hospital, ‘I’ve Always Loved Jesus’

A South Carolina man dying of cancer in hospice care at home, had his last wish granted when he was baptized in a 60-gallon hospital tub.


Jenis James Grindstaff, got baptized last month, to shouts of “hallelujah” and “amen.” He had expressed a desire to be baptized through immersion and not sprinkling. “I’ve always loved Jesus,” he said.

His serious health issues did not allow for him to be lowered into a traditional baptismal or a traditional tub, so, a local hospital and chaplain, decided to baptize Grindstaff in a specially designed 60-gallon hospital tub which allowed him to walk in and sit down before it was filled.

“The rest of his family – his brothers or sisters – have been baptized,” said his son, Craig. “And for some reason or another, he just never got around to getting it done.”

Another son, Jim, “He’s always read the Bible, but he had never been baptized. He wanted to show he believed more than anything else.”

Grindstaff had served in the military and was an air traffic controller for 25 years. He was taken to Spartanburg Regional Hospice, where, chaplain Terrell Jones baptized Grindstaff in the “name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” Jones’ family attended the baptism.

“Amen!” Jones said while he was lowered into the tub. “Hallelujah!”

Grindstaff hopes his baptism will impact others after a video of his baptism was posted to the Spartanburg Regional Facebook page and got more than 200,000 views. “If I reach one person, it’s a great deal,” he said.

Grindstaff, said he enjoys thinking about heaven. “The streets of gold and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

We praise God for Grindstaff’s water baptism, it is one of the most important steps in the life of a Christian believer’s walk with Jesus Christ, it is an open confession of faith to the world and even Jesus was baptized.

Watch: Dying Man Gets Baptized in Hospice Care


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