93-Year-Old Man Crafts 300 Wooden Trucks To Donate To Kids For Christmas

Hundreds of wooden trucks made by a 93-year-old man, have been donated to local kids in the community for Christmas.


Ed Higinbotham works hard all year making hundreds of wooden toys by hand so that kids can enjoy playing with them at Christmas.

Higinbotham works at his workshop in Georges Township, Pennsylvania and was recently visited by State trooper Robert Broadwater, who picked the toys up for the police department to distribute to pre-schools and other groups in the community.

The Pennsylvania State Police said that Higinbotham has been donating the toys to children at Christmas “for several years”.

Higinbotham says, “It’s just something that I enjoy doing, and now I make somebody else happy, and if that’s Santa Claus, then I’m Santa Claus.”