Thousands Of Strangers Rally Around Man Who Tweeted ‘I Am Not Ok’

People respond “I am fine”, “No, nothing is happening” and “I am okay” when they are actually not fine at all and something is going wrong in their lives.

An unemployed father of two going through a rough time put out a desperate tweet on social media and ended up getting thousands of messages of support within hours.


South England native, Edmund O’Leary, sent a tweet on Friday night: “I am not ok. Feeling rock bottom. Please take a few seconds to say hello if you see this tweet. Thank you.” Twitter users from around the world rallied around him in support responding with messages of support and words of encouragement.

They offered to help him with his CV, invited him for coffee, kids presented their artwork to him, and people sent him pictures of pets and funny memes to cheer him up. O’Leary responded with gratitude to some of them and is still yet to respond to the more than 76,000 comments he received. What an encouragement it must have been to O’Leary to receive a ton of encouragement in his lowest time.

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