College Student Shares Gospel After Winning $100,000 In Tuition

A college football student who won a halftime tuition giveaway used the opportunity to share his faith with millions of viewers who watched the program on television.


Tyler Gordon won the Dr. Pepper grand prize of $100,000 during the halftime tuition giveaway contest of the Big Ten Championship, before the Ohio State Buckeyes rallied in the second half to defeat the Wisconsin Badgers 34-21.

He gave glory to God saying, “I want to thank God from the bottom of my heart,” Gordon said to the millions watching on Fox Sports that night. “If you do not believe in him, I pray that you would soon become a believer.”

Watch: College Football Halftime Winner Shares Gospel

Gordon is studying law at West Virginia University and he received praise from viewers who saw him online, including Sports Spectrum host Jason Romano. “If you were on national TV and a believer and had 45 seconds, would you give praise to God and encourage others to do the same knowing you might face backlash?” Romano tweeted. “Good on the Dr. Pepper kid here for being bold.”

Gordon was one among four students trying to throw the most footballs through an oversized Dr. Pepper can in 30 seconds and he won. He also thanked his family and his school. The finalists were chosen based on video submissions explaining why the tuition money would be important to them according to FOX 59 reports.

“It’ll mean the world to me,” Gordon explained. “Words can’t express how much it means. I’ve tried and, honestly, all I can say is that I’m so excited and so thankful for the opportunity. It’s going to allow me to be able to pursue my goals without being hindered by my debt.”