Sisters Performs Anointed Cover Of ‘Footsteps’

Elenyi has done a beautiful cover of ‘Footsteps,’ its the perfect song to start our day. The song was done by “Church of Jesus Christ Youth” which has blessed thousands of Christians all over the world.


The song is about not fearing the unknown or giving into our fears but to follow the footsteps of the Master who will lead us home safely. As believers in Christ, we are promised a life under God’s protection and NOTHING can separate us from His everlasting love. So it doesn’t matter what hardships we face, God is our protector.

You hear a voice inside your soul.
It beckons to you.
It echoes through you.
You’re scared to pass through the unknown.
Your strength is fading.
Your thoughts are racing.

But something,
Something pulls you forward.
There’s a light inside you
Yearning for more.

Step into the dark
And don’t be afraid.
Every star in the heavens
Is lighting your way.

If you feel like you’re lost,
You’re not alone.
Just follow His footsteps,
And He’ll lead you home.

Sister-songwriter group Elenyi is creating waves in the Christian music scene and we love this amazing cover of “Footsteps,” which has encouraged and uplifted the body of Christ today.

Brighten Your Day :)

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