‘Father Will You Hold My Hand’ Uplifting Song by We Are Messengers

We are Messengers latest song, ‘Father Will You Hold My Hand’ is a beautiful reminder of God’s merciful love and the beautiful relationship believers share with Him through Jesus Christ.

father would you hold my hand we are messengers

The video is cinematic and the music is somber, the lyrics is beautifully penned, speaking of the singers gratitude and submission to God’s will.

Asking the Holy Spirit to guide his way, the singer gives praise to the Holy Trinity [ God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit].

The singer expressed his gratitude to God for making him whole and proclaims that all is well with his soul. Those who have accepted Christ as their savior belongs forever to Him and nothing can separate us again from His love.

Our hearts are overjoyed with praise to God for His amazing grace and love towards us inspite of our failures and sinfulness and the song perfectly captures the mood of a grateful believer.

Comments on the song are as beautiful and heartwarming ;

“This song has touched my heart and I smile every time I hear it.”
“Love this song, love your music!
Thank you for using your skills to glorify God!”
“Love it! Your music speaks to my soul. Keep doing what you do. “

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