FedEx Driver’s Act Of Kindness Leaves Mom In Tears

The internet is full of stories about how a stranger’s act of kindness lifted people out of the darkness, but this act of kindness by a watchful FedEx driver for the family of Coledo Cleo Wheeler in Ohio will warm your hearts today.

The incident

“I’m really not sure where to begin,” she tries to explain that she’d just gotten home and did not notice the brand-new basketball hoop, thinking it was their old one, which she says was “in really rough shape but still usable.” But the display that showed on her front porch made her look a second time.

Posted by Coledo Cleo Wheeler on Sunday, November 8, 2020

“As I walked up on the porch I noticed the ball and the instruction manual to the hoop. I didn’t know where either came from. I came in I sat down and started to read the two letters attached. I instantly started crying. Come to find out a random act of kindness had happened at our home.”

Posted by Coledo Cleo Wheeler on Sunday, November 8, 2020

FedEx driver’s act of kindness

Someone named “Aubrey” signed it and mentioned “Just one of the FedEx drivers for the area.” That made Wheeler recollect who the driver was and she knew it was the person she spoke to recently who must have seen her son playing with the old, broken-down hoop.

Posted by Coledo Cleo Wheeler on Sunday, November 8, 2020

“She has come around here when Eli and his friends would be playing basketball,” Wheeler wrote. “Or Dan and I out shooting some hoops with him. She saw Eli cutting the grass one day. Told us it was awesome to start them young.” She wasn’t the only one touched by the generosity of the FedEx driver, Elijah too started crying when he saw it.

Posted by Coledo Cleo Wheeler on Sunday, November 8, 2020

“Elijah did not know until he came home from his dad’s we kept this a secret,” she continued. “We showed him and told him who it came from. He knew exactly who Aubrey was. He started crying. Instantly he was ready to play some basketball needless to say. LOL. What an awesome amazing thing that she did for him out of pure kindness.”

More kindness…

That wasn’t all for this family, on the owner’s manual for the new system, Aubrey had written, “Wasn’t sure if you wanted sand, or water, in the base so you’ll need a good amount of weight though to keep it from falling over.” The family came home to find sandbags for the base the next day.

“There are very much still good people in the world,” Wheeler concluded. “I’m going to have Elijah write her a letter and also get her a thank you card for the next time that we see her come through. Thank you, Aubrey. You made his day. Can’t wait to see you come thru, I owe you a world of thanks.”

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