‘I Pray Every Day For The Lord To Use Me’: FedEx Driver Prays For Grieving Woman

The video of a FedEx driver who prayed for a grieving woman with a husband who had Cancer is still making waves online after three years since this Good Samaritan uploaded it.


Her encounter with this woman was memorable and touched Amanda Riggan so much. She decided to post her story on FaceBook three years ago, unaware that it would gain much attention from others.

Amanda’s prayer every day is “for the Lord to use me.” She didn’t know that she was at the right place and right time when she delivered this woman’s package.

She delivered two boxes to this woman who started a small talk. “We start walking up the driveway together, and she asked me if I had a happy holiday. I was telling her how busy it was. I asked her the same, and with tears in her eyes, she said, ‘It wasn’t good. He’s sick. My husband’s sick. He has Cancer.’ I continued small talk to try and change the subject because that’s awkward, and I delivered her package.”

She moved on to her other assignments and delivered other parcels, but she kept thinking about the woman she had met. Her heart started pounding, and after 20 deliveries, she decided to go back to her.

“I rang her doorbell, and she came down the stairs, and she had tears in her eyes,” this FedEx driver described. “When she saw it was me, she smiled, and I said, ‘Ma’am, can I pray with you? And she just broke down. She came out on the front porch and squeezed me so tight. This lady I’ve never met,” Amanda paused. “She held my hand so tight. I prayed for her and her family and for her husband.”

Amanda was emotional as she narrated her unforgettable experience. But, she wanted to remind people about something very important.

She said, “The point of this is that a lot of people want the Lord to use them. For me, as an example, I pray every day for the Lord to use me. But when He’s trying to use you or when you feel that call, that tug on your heartstrings, do you move your feet?”

She also encouraged people to be sensitive to God’s promptings when He wants us to help others. We need to be willing to be inconvenienced when needed.

“I have a hundred stops. I could have easily went about the rest of my day thinking about it,” she said. “So when you feel those tugs on your heartstrings, and you feel like you need to do this, stop and do it,” she paused to wipe her tears. “That was like the most genuine hug I’ve received in a long time.”

“If you’re praying for the Lord to help and to use you in people’s situations when He is giving you a chance … do it. If not, you’re going to continue to think about it and regret it later. It made me sad but yet, it made my day. This lady was just so alone.”

The viral video now has 24M views. It continues to touch people until now. Comments have poured in, and people thank Amanda for telling her story. It now has 35,000 comments from different people. 

Amanda reuploaded the video on her Facebook account as a reminder of a timeline memory three years ago. She wrote, “3 years and 24 million views later. I captioned this video ‘Game Changer’. How incredibly accurate is that?! You never could have told me then how radically different my life would be now. One act of obedience that I thought I was just sharing to family and friends has promoted so many doors opening and so many blessing[s]. Glory to GOD.”

3 years and 24 million views later. I captioned this video “Game Changer”, how incredibly accurate is that?! You never…

Posted by Amanda Riggan on Sunday, 2 January 2022

When we help and refresh others, we are refreshed as well. Just like Amanda, she was blessed by the woman’s appreciation and warmth as she gave her hope through her prayer. 

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25

Game changer. Please watch. #fedex #fedexground

Posted by Amanda Riggan on Thursday, 3 January 2019

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