Fertility Clinic Staff Surprise Couple With Pregnancy News In An Awesome Way

Baby blues turned to tears of joy for parents-to-be when staff at a fertility clinic in California broke the happy news of their pregnancy to them.


The heartwarming footage has gone viral after it got almost 5 million views which show staff celebrating as they broke the news of a successful IVF pregnancy to a happy couple.

Dr. Lawrence Werlin of Coastal Fertility Medical Center, in Irvine, California, picked up the phone to personally call the couple, Nima and Carlie, in the video.

Dr. Werlin asked Nima, “Where’s your girl?”, before stating enthusiastically, “Get her on the line, buddy!”

When Carlie was on the other end of the call, Dr. Werlin held up the handset to the room and gave a three-second countdown using his fingers to his staff. Everyone in the room yelled: “YOU’RE PREGNANT!”

The staff can be seen hooting and hollering in the video which was captured by one of them and shared on TikTok on March 31. It has received nearly five million views.

The center said that staff have celebrated every IVF patient pregnancy with a congratulatory call like this since 1982.

Dr. Werlin always insists on having his entire staff present to congratulate patients, when a positive pregnancy report is received. They make between five and 10 such calls per week.

Carlie said: “Receiving that phone call was the most wonderful thing in the world. We were so nervous when the doctor called but became so extremely happy when we learned I was pregnant.”

“I think it’s really surreal and exciting that we got to share our joy on TikTok. It’s so crazy how many people watched the video and enjoyed it. I enjoyed reading all the sweet comments.”

Juliann Nikolic, Corporate Vice President of the center, said: “We have had people from all over the world comment they were brought to tears and chilled by their tears of joy and we feel the same way. This is one of the most rewarding moments for us, helping patients achieve their dreams.”

What a beautiful way this fertility clinic has been infusing love and joy in the life of its patients all these years.

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