More Than 200,000 Students Taking A ‘Stand For Christ’ On Football Fields Across The Nation

Many thousands of students are going to jointly demonstrate their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ on football fields across the nation.


The student are going to encourage their colleagues to pray, worship, read their Bibles, and take a stand for the Lord.

This is an initiative of Fields of Faith, which is a student-led ministry outreach and a part of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) which began in 2004. This movement has helped thousands of young people tackle tough topics and change their lives completely at the event.

“In a world where bad news seems to be the norm, we’re happy to share the great news that lives are being changed through Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Fields of Faith,” Jeff Martin, FCA executive director of ministry advancement, said. “From the student leaders who take on the responsibility to bring Fields of Faith to their communities to the skeptical or hurting teen who might be attending for the first time, we see time and again that Fields of Faith motivates, energizes, rejuvenates and unites.”

Martin added, “Jesus takes hold of lives right there on the athletic fields, and we are continually amazed at what He does each year in young peoples’ lives.”


Students gathering at more than 500 fields nationwide will help their peers facing challenges like hopelessness, loneliness, depression, suicide, drugs, alcohol, and more with the hope of Christ. Someone who had attended it in the past said, “one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been to. So many people were able to worship God at our school in front of everyone.” He says all states and schools should participate.

Martin started Fields of Faith with only few thousand of students but now it has a quarter of a million attendees worldwide. He says it is the “incredible evidence of the Lord’s power and sovereignty, as He leads us to deepen our relationship with Him, talk to Him daily and get into His Word on a regular basis.”

“Year after year, it’s an enormous blessing to see all that God has accomplished through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Fields of Faith,” Martin said. “None of this would be possible without God and the students He raises up to organize these amazing events, where they share how Jesus has changed their lives.”

This is a move of the Holy Spirit who is seeking to reunite all the lost children back to the Lord Jesus Christ and we thank God for this amazing movement where thousands of young people are going to come together to take a stand for Jesus.