Flight Attendant Spots Her Favorite Teacher During Flight, Then She Makes An Emotional Announcement

A WestJet flight attendant made an emotional announcement on the occasion of National Teacher’s Day for her favorite teacher.


Lora Caruso, had not seen her high school teacher Miss O’Connell since 1990 and was overcome with emotions when she saw her on the flight that day.

“It was very emotional we both cried a lot I was in complete shock when I saw her because she saved me from so much,” Lora said.

She shared the story of how her high school English and music teacher Miss O’ Connell made her fall in love with Shakespeare and got her to play the piano. She added that, she now has a masters degree in piano and could write essays because of her.

Then she ran down the aisle and embraced the old lady, who, she said ‘made her life’. They both exchanged their love as the other passengers watched the emotional and heartwarming reunion.

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