Emotional Moment When Foster Kids Visit The Beach For The First Time

Going to the beach may seem like such a normal thing to do for most of us, but there are some for whom even going out of the house is difficult.

Foster kids and orphans are allowed only a limited time outdoors and even going outdoors would seem like a dream come true for them.

Arizona laws make it hard for foster kids to go out of the state; but in an aim to inspire disadvantaged teens, two organizations took up the responsibility to take the youngsters out to spend the weekend at La Jolla Shores in San Diego, California.

The trip was arranged by Reef, which is an apparel company, who is dedicated to clean up the world’s beaches of pollution, and Urban Surf 4 Kids, which is an organization which helps foster kids heal through water sports and beach trips.

We are emotional watching the footage of the trip captured by them and aptly called “First Beach”.

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