Woman’s Unusual Work Excuse Leaves Bosses In Stitches

Have you ever thought about a good reason to skip work? Well, Amber Harris from Tasmania might just have the best excuse yet. In an amusing incident that left her bosses chuckling, Harris found herself unable to go to work due to an unusual roadblock: a 600kg southern elephant seal named Neil.

seal block driveway

The story unfolds with Harris discovering Neil the Seal comfortably settled in her driveway. The seal, known to locals, seemed quite content disrupting Harris’s morning routine. Neil’s nap spot choice turned Harris’s driveway into an impromptu seal sanctuary, leaving her car trapped.

Harris shared this unique predicament with her office. The reaction? Utter amusement and laughter. “I think it’s going to go down as the best excuse in history of not to go to work,” said Harris, her words filled with laughter.

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