Gaither Vocal Band Sings Beautiful Rendition Of ‘Hear My Song, Lord’

Gaither Vocal Band’s official video of “Hear My Song, Lord”, has made our day so much brighter. The song was originally sung by the Gaither vocal band a decade ago.


The Gaither Vocal Band is named after its leader Bill Gaither, it is famous for its southern gospel music after the popularity of the Gaither Homecoming videos. It has released 29 albums of which 19 have charted. The Gaither Vocal Band have won two Grammys and 17 Dove Awards.

Hear my song Lord, you fill me with music
Hear my words Lord, you fill me with praise
Take this moment, I just can’t waste it
This one is yours Lord, I give you this day

When I am hungry, you give me living bread
When I am thirsty, water of life
I will not fear, you’re always with me
Every need I have, you satisfy

Hear Children O Lord, we are lifting our praise
to you (we are lifting our praise to you Lord)
Let singing like incense now rise to your throne
(Let it rise to your throne)
(Come dwell) Come dwell in the place hollowed out for your
Come make of our praises your temple, your home
(Hey, hey, hey, hey)

Our hearts are praising God as we lift up His Holy name and sing with the Gaither Vocal Band “Hear My Song, Lord.” May all your songs and prayers unto the Lord be answered in Jesus name. Amen.


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