Little Girl Obsessed With Garbage Trucks Receives A Surprise Gift

At a time when girls her age are playing with dolls, little Rose has a strange obsession of something parents of other girls would be surprised by.

Rose is obsessed by the garbage truck. She just loves to see it come to her house and she loves greeting the men that take her trash away every week.

Her screams of delight on seeing the garbage truck arrive is so heartwarming that the workers decided to surprise her with a special gift of her own.

So one day the garbage truck arrived as usual and was making its way up Rose’s driveway, but this time one of the workers had a package in their hands for her and made his way up to her door.

Rose’s parents took Rose to the door to meet him and he had the most incredible gift for Rose- a toy garbage truck for the little girl, a hat and a garbage truck coloring book.

Rose was obviously over the moon with her gift and couldn’t help showing off her gifts.

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