George Strait And Grandson Performs ‘God and Country Music’ Duet

God and country music are the perfect combination proves Country superstar George Strait and his grandson as they perform a sweet duet to his hit single, ‘God And Country Music’ at Houston Rodeo Show in Houston, Texas

The lyrics of his latest song, from the album ‘Honky Tonk Time Machine,” remind us of this amazing combination, “God and country music are like whiskey and a prayer, Like Johnny Cash’s arm around Billy Graham, God and country music, They both never change, You find ’em when you need ’em, Where you stand”

The best part of this duet is George’s 6-year-old grandson, Harvey, who uses his amazing vocals with expertise and proves the point that we must teach the next generation faith and values.

George Strait is one of the most popular country artists and is known from the time he first premiered ‘God And Country Music’ during one of his Strait to Vegas residency shows, his fans have made it their anthem and agree with George Strait as he sings, “there’s two things still worth saving, God and country music.”

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