Adorable Little Girl Breaks Out In A Dance During Church Service

An adorable little girl danced her heart out in the aisle during a recent church service. Nothing could stop her; she danced as if nobody was watching. Her childlike innocence reminds us that children do not fear judgment or embarrassment. Children truly bring immense happiness and love.


If you are a parent, you will know that predicting your child’s next move is impossible. The church service was in full swing, with the choir performing at its best, when 5-year-old Charlotte stepped out of the pew and started to let her personality shine through.

She had sat patiently during the church service at Davidson College Presbyterian Church. But as the choir began to sing “The Messiah,” Charlotte rose from her seat and started dancing up and down the aisle.

It seemed as though the spirit had taken hold of her, and she danced to the music, amusing those around her. Her beautiful act of worship unto the Lord was captured on camera, bringing smiles to many faces around the world.

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