Young Girl Finally Hears Mother’s Voice 7 Years After She Lost Her Hearing

The option of a cochlear implant for hearing impaired and total hearing loss patients is a huge boon, as it helps the individual hear and interpret sounds very clearly and like never before.

Cochlear implants are very different from hearing aids, which only amps sounds for someone with a hearing impairment. Whereas, a cochlear implant “sends impulses directly to your auditory nerve, which carries sound signals to your brain.”

This can be life changing for someone who has complete hearing loss, and that’s exactly what happened to 10 year old Jaylin, from Dallas, Texas who had lost majority of her hearing by the age of three.

Posted by Rachelle Renee on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Jaylin was finally able to hear her parent’s voice after the longest time of 7 years as she recently had surgery to get a cochlear implant.

“Lots of tears were shed but they were happy tears.” After the doctor turned on the implant, added Rachelle Renee, Jaylin’s mom. In a video, now that’s gone viral, you can see Jaylin hear her mom say “I love you” for the first time as she burst out into tears.

The video has tons of congratulations comments. “Thank you for sharing!” wrote one person and “This was awesome! The Lord is good!”


Activation!! 🙌🤞🙏 words cannot Express how happy my heart is right now 😁💜 thank God for this big blessing and thanks to everyone who prayed for her 🙌 MY BBY CAN HEAR!!!

Posted by Rachelle Renee on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Jaylin’s dad, Alfredo Garcia said, “Before she wouldn’t even hear me, she’d have to look straight at me to see what I’m talking about.”

Jaylin is super excited to try out her implant in school and is thrilled that she can finally hear her parents. Her family is a huge fan of Dallas Cowboys and are looking forward to watch and listen to all of the games together.

Posted by Rachelle Renee on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

“Words cannot express how happy my heart is right now, thank God for this big blessing and thanks to everyone who prayed for her,” added Renee.

This new implant will open so many opportunities for young Jaylin as she will be able to do so much more. This story just melts our hearts.

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